The Power of a Story

Indigenous people can be interpreted in different ways, based on stories or stereo types that people are told about them.

A group of indigenous people I would like to observe and gain a first hand perspective on is those if which inhabit the continent of Africa. I would like to visit Africa and observe these people because I am interested in the way they live, interact, and communicate with one another.

A “single story” I have heard about Africans is one told to me by my mom when I was younger. When I would leave food on my plate after dinner my mom would get angry and tell me “There are kids in Africa who are starving and would love to have that food, do not waste it!”. Ever since my mom told me that, The master status I ascribed towards Africans have been that they are poor and hungry.

Another single story about Africans that I have encountered was one that someone told me regarding their schooling. I was told that they have no textbooks, and they go to school in wooden shacks.

The people who are indigenous to mexico are another group of people I would like to observe first hand. I would like to gain more knowledge of them to see the lifestyle they live living in a dangerous country.

A single story I have heard about these people is that lots of them are very poor and live low quality lives.

A second singe story e bee told is that many people who live in mexico are dangerous, rapists, and are heavily involved in large drug organizations i.e . the cartel.

I have heard many things about the indigenous people of Russia. I would like to find out more about these people for my self because I have heard they are similar to Americans and I would find it interesting to see for myself.

A single story I have heard about Russians is that thy are heavy drinkers. Always being drunk or having a bottle of whiskey at hand

Another single story I have been told about Russians is that they love money and like to show it off. I was told you will find them driving in cars that surpass their income and wearing excessive bling all over their bodies.






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