Effects of Tourism in Machu Piccha

Roach,  J. (2002, April 15). Machu Picchu Under Threat From Pressures of Tourism. National Geographic News. Retrieved from   http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2002/04/0415_020415_machu.html

This article is all about how tourism is affecting Machu Piccha. With all of the tourism and the traffic on the roads and through the trails it has aroused some problems. There is a high landslide risk on the zig-zag roads that climb the mountain and waste polluting the hiking trails.

John’s work has appeared news feeds of Yale Environment 360, NBC Universal, Microsoft, and National Geographic. He has also been published in The New York Times, Tribune News and other journals news letters and magazines.

Roach is affiliated with the organizations listed above, which are all reputable with intents of providing the public with news stories and education on world events.

This article was publishes in 2002, about 15 years ago which could mean circumstances have changed since then.

The author seems to be addressing the general public and any one particularly interested in the tourism of Machu Piccha.

The information covered in this article is factual and well researched with supporting evidence. The ideas appear to be advanced in the line of works I have read about tourism in Machu Piccha, the author does not particualrly identify the Quechua people in this article and does not speak in any bias or emotion arising language. Also Roach doesn’t appear to be a member of the Quechua people/ society.

Whitt, J. (2015, July 28th). Our Plan to Hep one Small Village in Peru. The International Ecotourism Society. Retrieved from http://www.ecotourism.org/user/international-ecotourism-society

In this news article  Whitt talks about how she helped the villagers of the sacred valley. Herself, a  tourist trail guide and a native travel to  the village and make a plan to help them build shelter for the villagers crops.

Jacquie Whitt is the Co-Founder and Director U.S. Operations of Adios adventure travel, Director International Programs for Virginia Beach Friends School. She studied Anthropology, Culture and Archaeology at San Diego State University. This article seems to be in her area of expertise; Anthropology and Culture.

Whitt is involved with Adios Adventure Travel which orgianizes small travel groups to Machu Picchu.. The sacred valley, which the village of the Quechua people she visited are in, is located in Machu Piccha.

This article was published in 2015 which is relatively recent to my research.

The Audience seems to be directed towards people interested anthropological research and possibly people interested in touring the sacred valley of Machu Piccha.

The information in this article seems to be facts,, with some slight propaganda promoting her organization. This article seems to have valid information considering it was mostly written in the authors first person experiences, and is moderately advanced in line with other works  on this topic. The author doesn’t use any bias or emotion arising language, and is not one of the indigenous peoples in this article.




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