Overview of My Research

Before conducting my research on the Quechua people I had some previous knowledge about Machu Picchu, but I had no previous knowledge about them or that they even existed.

The Quechua people are people who revolve their life around family, work together in a village structure and help each-0ther out in all sorts of ways. The Quechua people are indigenous to South America and are those who speak any of the Quechua languages. The majority of  Quechua speakers live in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. Orgiginally Quechua was the language of the inca empire but eventually became the lagnuage of the Indians and Spanish in the Andes.

Generally the quechua people are welcoming and have a friendly vibe towards tourists, but that is not always the case. Some tourists show ethnocentrism and/or critical cultural relativism and show a lack understanding of the customs and values of the quechua people, causing distress among the indigenous community. For example; romantic interactions between the natives and tourists has caused concern in the community. Some leaders in the Quechua community see tourism as disruptive.  On a lighter note the development of tourism among the Quechua people, mainly in Machu Picchu that conveyed by the tour operators and guides, has included the Quechua people which benefits them finincially.

Although I was not able to personally interview any of the Quechua people or see them face to face, I was able to conduct some ethnographic research that gave me a wider field of view for what these people are like in the way they live and interact with one another, their customs and values, and how tourism impacts them.

Throughout these blog posts there was a need for digital images. Previously I have had  trouble finding images that were not Copyrighted but I used creativecommons.org to help me find all of the images I needed wih a creative sommons liscense. I also used a  word counter website to help me keep my blog post wihthin the range of the of word limit we were give.


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